The Honda Civic is a solid choice, but a used Ford Fusion might be a value in comparison.

If you’re looking for a new Honda Civic but would rather save some cash and buy a previously owned vehicle, a used Ford Fusion just might be the alternative for you.

Stylish Looks

The Fusion has always been a looker but a redesign for the 2013 model year took it to a whole new level. The Fusion got styling that made it look like a European sports sedan, with a large grille leading back to a long, wavy hood. The redesigned car looks much more modern than the wedge-shaped Fusion that came before. its fresh and handsome duds made it look vastly different from most midsize sedans on the road at the time. In fact, other sedans had to change their own styling to stay in the game and match the Fusion.

Engine Choices

The Fusion offers four-cylinder power along with plug-in hybrid and hybrid models for those who want to go green. A plug-in hybrid allows drivers to charge the battery via an outlet, thus allowing the car to run on battery-only power for a while. With three four-cylinder engines in addition to the hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains, a used Ford Fusion gives buyers a lot of choice as to what works best for their individual wants and needs.

Front- or All-Wheel Drive

Depending on trim, you can get front- or all-wheel drive with your Fusion. That, plus its larger size, can make a used Ford Fusion a strong alternative to the Honda Civic, especially for those who live in the Snow Belt and need more in terms of all-weather capability.

Bigger Is Sometimes Better

As noted above, the Fusion is larger than the Civic, being a midsize, rather than a compact car. This means that buyers can purchase a used Ford Fusion instead of a new Honda Civic and get more size for a similar amount of money. Sometimes a little extra room is well worth it for a weekend away, or even just when it’s your day to carpool.

The Honda Civic is a solid choice, but with both vehicle known for needing very few repairs and plenty of personal touches, a used Ford Fusion might be a value in comparison.

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