US Auto’s extended warranty gives you peace of mind and helps keep you safe without the financial worries.

When you’re offered an extended warranty with your vehicle that kicks in when the manufacturer’s warranty expires, you may want to purchase it—as long as the coverage is extensive. This kind of warranty could save you thousands down the road, whether in repairs or buying another vehicle.

Here’s an explanation of the benefits of our warranty programs.

Extensive Parts Coverage

US Auto’s extended warranty covers steering components like the rack, hoses, and gear, suspension parts, such as upper and lower control arms and ball joints, wheel bearings, CV joints, drive shafts. It also includes many electrical components, including the starter, alternator, electronic fuel injection, and the wiring harness. The warranty also covers transmission and engine parts, for example, the timing chain, oil pump, water pump, and intake and exhaust manifolds.

The air conditioning system is an expensive component to repair, especially if you have automatic climate control or separate front and rear air conditioning. This warranty will keep you cool since it covers the system, including the compressor, condenser, clutch and pulley, the accumulator, and the evaporator. If your vehicle has to stay overnight for repairs, the warranty guarantees a rental car for you.

Time Frame

You can choose from a two-year/24,000-mile warranty or a three-year/36,000 mile warranty based on how long you plan to keep your vehicle. If you tend to get attached to your car and want to keep it as long as possible, go for the three-year extended warranty.

Financial Considerations

An extended warranty can help you financially because it covers repairs in your car’s future. When you’re facing tough financial situations or if you’re concerned about your credit or your ability to get a future car loan, it’s especially helpful because you won’t have to rely on a personal or high-interest loan to help pay for the repairs.

Besides the $100 deductible, you don’t need any cash up front to purchase the warranty, which is great if you’re short on funds. Even if have great credit now, should something happen after the manufacturer’s warranty runs out, you could find yourself in a bind.

If your car breaks down away from our main repair facility, you can find a repair facility close to you on the US Auto website.

Driving a vehicle with potential issues can be dangerous. US Auto’s extended warranty gives you peace of mind and helps keep you safe without the financial worries.

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