When you’re looking for the best vacation spots for a getaway, you have a variety of choices just a few hours in any direction in the Southeast.

One of the best parts about living in the south, especially in Georgia or South Carolina, is that there are so many vacation destinations within driving distance. From white sand beaches to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, here is a short list of the best vacation spots you can road trip to anytime.

1. Hilton Head, SC

Hilton Head Island provides a perfect getaway for families and couples alike. With plenty of options for lodging, both on and off the island, you can enjoy a cost-effective vacation that is also just a short two-hour drive from Charleston. Take a tour of Beaufort, a close neighbor of the island, and then head down to the Salty Dog Cafe to buy a novelty T-shirt and take in the beautiful view along the beach.

2. Gulf Shores, AL

A great beach spot just about a four-and-half-hour drive from Columbus is the Golf Shores of Alabama. Whether you’re planning a short weekend trip or a longer week vacation, this spot will offer you both beautiful beaches and a fun local culture. Also, partly because this area is not a large tourist attraction, there is plenty of space to enjoy yourself without feeling surrounded by throngs of people or crowds.

3. Asheville, NC

Located near the beautiful Smoky Mountains, Asheville has a lot to offer any traveler and it’s only three hours from Atlanta. Whether you’re looking for a world-class vacation at the Broadmoor, or you want to taste some world-class breweries, this is the place to do it. With outdoor space for activities and scenic views everywhere, this is a place you want to visit during the fall when the leaves are changing color and the air is crisp and perfect.

4. Outer Banks, NC

Although the Outer Banks is further away than many other vacation spots—roughly six hours from Myrtle Beach—the drive up the coast is beautiful and you have your choice of places to stay while you visit. Plus, considering that the Wright Brothers Museum is located in this area, it’s a great opportunity to soak up the sun and see a bit of history at the same time. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also go to the sand dunes in Kill Devil Hills and take hang gliding lessons.

When you’re looking for the best vacation spots for a getaway in the Southeast, you have a variety of choices just a few hours in any direction.

Liz Farquhar

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