When it comes to car shopping, you might be overwhelmed with choices. Make the decision easier by determining your car wants and needs.

When it’s time to go car shopping, there are just so many choices. Make your decision easier by narrowing these choices down. Ask yourself these six questions to help you determine your future car.

1. What kind of safety features are important to you?

If you have a family, safety might be on the top of your list. Look for vehicles that have high safety ratings and offer active safety features, such as lane-departure warning and correction, crash-collision mitigation, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot warning. Other safety features you might look for include four-wheel ABS disc brakes, traction control, stability control, side mirrors with integrated turn signals, and auto-dimming mirrors. You can also use NHTSA to look up safety ratings on specific car makes and models.

2. How much space do you need?

You may want extra space in your vehicle if you have a big family or a large pet in tow. If space is near the top of your list, look for SUVs and minivans that seat more than five people. If a truck is on your list and you need the space, look for the larger crew cab models with a standard or long bed as opposed to a short bed. If you and your family take frequent road trips, look at vehicles with a lot of space, and then go for the model with the most safety features.

3. Is utility a necessity?

If utility is near the top of your list, go for an SUV with fold-away seats or a larger pickup truck. Choose a model with four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, especially if you plan to use the vehicle for any off-road work.

4. Would you prefer a luxury model?

If you want to go luxury, don’t forget to look at models that are new to the market. You can often find less expensive versions than the standard luxury models. In many cases, carmakers like Hyundai, Kia, Acura, and GMC offer more features and comfort for the money.

5. Can you afford a vehicle with combining features?

You can find the perfect combination of features if you look at luxury full-size SUVs and trucks. Even the higher-end nonluxury trucks have a comfortable ride for those who are looking for something with more utility that also serves as a comfortable road trip vehicle.

6. Would you like to get a good deal?

If you want a top-of-the-line vehicle but don’t want the car payment to go with it, look for a great used model with low mileage. You can save thousands of dollars on a relatively new vehicle that might even have warranty left on it by shopping for used vehicles at used car dealerships.

When it comes to car shopping, you might be overwhelmed with decisions. Take the time to answer these questions to determine what you truly want and need in your next vehicle.

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