Here’s a look at a few car accessories that’ll make perfect presents for your car-loving friends and relatives this holiday season.

Car accessories make great gifts for just about anyone in your life who owns a vehicle, whether he or she uses a car to commute, to drive for fun, or for a living. With that in mind, here’s a look at a few gadgets that’ll make perfect presents for your car-loving friends and relatives this holiday season.

USB Adapter

Plug-in USB adapters are useful for anyone who drives an older vehicle without a factory-installed USB port. These are great for keeping smartphones charged and ready.

Bluetooth Headset & Adapter

Many states require drivers to use hands-free systems for making or receiving phone calls, as the Governor’s Highway Safety Association explains. With many older vehicles lacking factory-installed hands-free systems, a Bluetooth adapter can help your friend or family member stay on the right side of the law, and their hands on the wheel. There are even Bluetooth adapters that allow owners of older vehicles to stream music from their smartphones through the radio.

Dash Cam

A dash cam can protect drivers against villainous valets, unscrupulous mechanics going for unauthorized test drives, and insurance scams, notes Techradar—not to mention they can be valuable in finding who’s at fault in an accident.

Cell Phone Mount

A cell phone mount is helpful for anyone on your list who uses a smartphone to provide GPS directions.

Lightning Cable

This is for the person on your list who has a newer car and wants to plug a phone into the USB port to charge and stream music. Yes, most phones come with one, but having one dedicated for in-car use will help your loved ones organize their devices better.

A GPS Unit

Those who own vehicles without a factory navigation system might appreciate a dedicated device to help them get around, especially since they won’t need to drain their phone’s battery in order to find directions.

One of these ideas might just be the perfect gift for the car enthusiast on your list. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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