Cupcake stores are alive and well in Atlanta and its surrounding metro cities.

The cupcake shop craze continues whipping up its flavorful presence in all directions. Atlanta and its surrounding metro cities are no exception, with areas frosted and sprinkled with cupcake stores. Need to soothe the sweet tooth? Grab a napkin, open wide, and take a ride to one of these special bakeries.

Atlanta: The Atlanta Cupcake Factory

The Poncey-Highland small batch specialist The Atlanta Cupcake Factory, founded in 2007 by Jamie Fahey, showcases weekly flavors behind its gleaming glass. Key lime, coconut and almond, chocolate salted caramel, and others draw customers through the door. Feeling ambitious? Special order a jumbo cupcake for two or a giant cupcake cake.

East Atlanta: Sugar Moon Bake Shop

The pursuit of the perfect red velvet cupcake led baker Amy Hutsell Kiefer to switch careers and open Sugar Moon Bake Shop in Decatur. The rotating cupcake flavors, typically six to eight of them daily, draw in the crowds. Strawberry cream cheese, banana pudding, and Nutella cupcakes have been known to make the roster. Kids may have trouble passing up treats resembling Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Cookie Monster from “Sesame Street.”

South Atlanta: Kupcakerie

Kudos to the downtown East Point bakery Kupcakerie for consistently giving their treats the most unforgettable names. The Suit and Tie hits the town in the form of a chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting. Cinnamon and cayenne pepper lace the vanilla buttercream frosting of the chocolate Hot and Bothered cupcake. The Sorta-Skinny Mint, inspired by the Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie, goes green, literally.

North Atlanta: CamiCakes Cupcakes

CamiCakes Cupcakes, a Florida-born cupcake business, boasts five metro Atlanta locations, including this one in Alpharetta. Others can be found in Vinings, Camp Creek, Smyrna, and Buckhead. Keep an eye out for featured treats including flavors like lemon, pineapple toasted coconut, sweet potato, and triple chocolate.

West Atlanta: Make-A-Cake Cupcake Bar

Not many cupcake stores get as imaginative as the Douglasville spot Make-A-Cake Cupcake Bar. Guests choose from ten cupcake flavors—chocolate, red velvet, and more—ten frosting flavors, nine different fillings, and a wealth of toppings. For the latter, customers can bedazzle their treats with Oreo cookie crumbles, coconut, and candies ranging from Reese’s to Nerds. You can create a different combination every time you visit.

These purveyors of the bountiful cupcake boom only represent a small portion of the specialty retailers and Atlanta bakeries rolling copious cupcakes out of their ovens. Look further and you’ll find plenty more paper-wrapped desserts to discover.

Jon Waterhouse

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