There are many reasons you should get a car from US Auto Sales. Here’s the top three.

There’s so much to consider when buying a used car, including the search, decisions, paperwork, financial investment, and what happens after driving off the lot. Probably the number-one thing you can do to make the process easier on yourself is to partner with a good, reliable dealership. It’s an integral relationship that goes well beyond the final signature, so it’s important to choose well.

But there are many dealerships looking to get your business, so what separates US Auto Sales from the rest of the pack?

1. Quality Assurance

Finding the right car is more than just a ride—it’s peace of mind. US Auto Sales offers a thirty-day/1,000-mile limited warranty standard on all purchases, so you can rest easy knowing your investment is covered against unforeseen problems. They also offer additional service contracts—an affordable way to extend that peace of mind well into the future—and rental reimbursement for downtime caused by servicing needs. But quality is nothing if not an assurance that the car you purchase is in great shape to begin with. A Quality Certified Inspection program means every car on the lot has met the high standards of professional mechanics. If they find something they don’t like, they replace or repair it. That’s their job.

2. Customer-first Mentality

Beyond the service overseen by the dealership, every car comes with an AutoCheck vehicle history report, so you can know where it’s been before it comes home to your garage. They make the journey to buying a used car easy by making an extensive selection searchable online or in person and provide additional resources.

3. Fairness

From humble beginnings 25 years ago, the dealership holds tight to its ideals of fairness. They’ll tell you upfront they believe everyone deserves transportation, no matter their credit history, and their entire mission is built around helping people find quality vehicles at fair and affordable prices. To this end, they offer flexible down payments, layaway options, no-haggle pricing, and constantly update their stock with quality options. Not only that, they even offer a trade-up program to put you in that upgrade when you’re ready.

Buying used is a lot less overwhelming when you have a partner you can count on. US Auto Sales is a great place to start your search because they deal in trust, fairness, transparency, and quality. They’ll get you on the road in no time—you can count on it.

Blair Lampe

About the AuthorBlair Lampe

Blair Lampe is a New York-based freelance writer and mechanic.  She travels frequently and on a budget, which she documents on her website TheGreyBeyond.